Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I clean my brackets?

A:  Soap and water is usually all you need. If you have a stubborn spot on the bracket, a spray mixture of 50-50 bleach and water will do the trick.

Q: Can your products be painted?

A:  Of course! The PVC material is a crisp white and can be left unpainted. However, they can be painted solid colors to match your house or a variety of colors to create realistic or bold designs. Simply start with a primer then paint. Acrylic, latex or spray paint can be used. If your beautiful artwork will be displayed outside, we recommend finishing with a clear coat with UV protection.

Q: Do I need a frame for my bracket?

A:  A frame can be added to any of our 16" or 12" brackets to enhance the visual effect by adding dimension. The frame is not needed to add strength as the PVC material provides the stability. The use of a frame will depend on the location you are planning to use the brackets and the look that appeals to you.

Q: How difficult is it to change out one design for another on my mailbox?

A:  So, you can't decide on just one design? They can be changed out easily! Simply remove the 2 stainless screws, take down the bracket and insert a new design. 

Q: I love your products but I don't have a mailbox that will accommodate the bracket. Where else can I use them?

A:  Our products can be used just about anywhere, in and outside your home.  Porches, mailboxes, patios, pool decks and outdoor kitchens are just a few ideas for our brackets. The hooks and shelves are also perfect for the pool deck and outdoor kitchen as well as kid's rooms, bathrooms and mudrooms. To inspire you, please see our Gallery for what other customers have done.

Q: How long does it take to receive a custom house plaque?

A:  We will have it ready to ship within 3-5 business days. It will ship from Florida taking 2-5 days shipping time depending on delivery location.

Q: How much weight can your products support?A:  Our hooks can hold up to 13# and the shelf kit with 2 brackets can support up to 26#. Keep in mind that they need to be properly installed into a stud or with screws and anchors (which we conveniently include with your order!).

Q: Will I be able to remove the cross-brace from my current mailbox post?

A:  Yes, the cross-brace can be removed. Your Nature Bracket will provide the support needed for the mailbox.

Q: Where can I purchase the mailbox post shown in your photos?
A:  Nature Brackets can fit on many styles of posts. We like to use a PVC post that is durable. The white post in many of our photos is the Whitley post by Gibraltar sold at many hardware stores.